About Me

Avon City Caravans should be called a family business, and it would be if my kids ever lifted a finger!

My name is Lizi and I’m the Lone Ranger Owner Operator who started collecting, renovating, and renting cool old caravans about eight years ago after suddenly becoming a single Mum, and needing to support my children through their teenage years.

I still roll my eyes a lot, but I’ve never looked back!

I work very hard, as there is always something to clean, fix, arrange, or enhance.

I operate from home to keep the overheads down, allowing me to give better value to my customers, and to be here most times to answer landline calls with personal communication.

I endeavour at all times to provide a friendly and efficient service, with integrity and respect.

I’ve been very busy since the earthquakes as a lot of people prefer to stay on site while their homes undergo their EQC repairs. For this reason, over the last couple of years I have enlarged the fleet considerably by adding eleven spacious caravans of 20 feet and over, to accommodate families in this situation. I’ve given them all some nice enhancement with new curtains, seat covers, carpets etc. In total I’ve got 36 caravans now, so I feel things are going pretty well, and I must be doing something right! The teenagers are now in their twenties, both with great jobs, and I have a small and very supportive team working with me who help Avon City Caravans maintain a high standard. With their help I am able to spend most of my time in the office to be of service to my customers.

A little update in the Spring of 2015……it’s been over 10 years now since I began this venture. Things are slowing down a little after being hugely busy for the last few years since the earthquakes. It comes as quite a welcome relief, as I’m not getting any younger as the time passes by. I have recently sold 10 of my caravans to reduce and streamline the fleet to a more easily manageable level. I have also made some of the larger touring caravans available for permanent living. This is proving popular already for people wanting an abode on site while building, and for others as an affordable alternative to the high rent housing in Christchurch. I plan to observe carefully how things go this summer, focus on where the strongest demand is, and put my attention in that area as I go forward.

Avon City Caravans is a business that continues to evolve…… it’s fun to run……. I love what I do…….. and I hope to be doing it for a long time yet.

The caravans are displayed here on the website in all their honest glory. What you see is what you get. What more can I say? WELCOME!